Forex Passive Trading at it Best


100% Passive

The World’s First Rebate Algorithm Trading on Complete Autopilot

- Earn 50% monthly on PASSIVE Trading on your Bitcoin

- Minimum deposit $50 USD

- No Maximum Deposit!

- Profits with no restrictions

- Compounding allowed

- No Sponsoring Required to EARN!
- Fx Scalper 2.0 does all the work for you
-  first level referral commissions!
-  second level referral commissions!
-  third level referral commissions! 
- Withdraws every hour on the hour.
- Works without having meta4 running on your computer


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Steps to Join & Lock In!

Here are the instructions to begin earning 50% monthly from your smart phone or computer. This works seamlessly, just be sure to follow the instructions in the video when setting it up. It’s super simple. Follow these instructions in order.

Click the link below FROM YOUR PHONE, or your computer.

Fxscalper 2.0 will Appear on your screen.

Follow the 6 points to create an account

Add the facebook and telegram app to your phone for more direct support.



Explanation of FX Scalper 2.0
Invest -  As little as $50 in Bitcoin and grow your investment. Withdrawals can be made every hour on the hour.
ReInvest - By clicking on Reinvest you can reinvest your balance automatically. Remember, The magic is in compounding, so you MAKE MONEY with your profits!
My Team - Your referral link comes with your account.  Referral System: Commissions paid on
1st Level:
2nd Level:
3rd Level:
Withdraw - You will be prompted to set your withdrawal address, add your bitcoin address.
History - Click here when you want a detailed history of your investments and earnings, and to see your account balance. You will notice your balance changes reflecting your earnings each hour.
Support - Clicking the support field will give you a message with the channel info and support group and community.
THAT’S IT! Just enjoy using the app and making money…

Contact Me if you Have Questions


Haisan Kaleak

347 723-2308